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6 responses to “Dream Characters”

  1. Horse

    Its interesting stuff how dream characters come about. I’ve never been to Paris and have no idea what the people there are like. One night I’d a dream I was wandering around the city and the only person I conversed with was a Mexican gangster looking guy with no top on, covered in tattoos. Only after I woke up I realized that its probably very unlikely Parisiens look like that haha.

  2. admin

    Haha, great anecdote. I too have had some similar experiences. I find that the mind is quite good in filling in details but it gets carried away at time, especially when non-lucid.

  3. Gia

    I met my dream guide for the very first time this morning!
    And it was wonderful..,

    I’d set my nightstand alarm earlier than usual (a rare occurrence, because i usually use my cell’s vibrate option, which i couldn’t do that day) – for 9 am. I don’t remember exactly what situation I was in during my dream but I was having trouble with something. So I walked around trying to figure out what to do when I come across this shirtless man (which fit my dream’s scenario: a sunny day in a sea-side city). He looked at me directly and stated solemnly, “Don’t worry, you’re smart and you have a good heart. You’ll figure things out.” (or something to that effect. Looking back, I wish I’d jotted down his exact words. But I didn’t realize at the time who I was talking to.)

    I thanked him a lot and feeling very relieved I headed back to deal with my issues. As soon as I began heading back my alarm went off. I don’t think this was a coincidence. I believe my dream guide wanted me to remember him because although I went right back to sleep after setting my alarm – lol – I probably wouldn’t have remembered our encounter had my sleep not been interrupted. Also, it’s only later on in the day – after I actually got up for good :)… and recalling the incident that i realized I’d met my dream guide. An epiphany that would have escaped me altogether had i not read about dream guides on your website several months ago, not to mention that the night before I’d repeated the words “I will recognize I am asleep and remember my dreams” – which I’d stopped doing for a while.

    I remember feeling deeply soothed from encountering my dream guide & I hope I see him again tonight/ tomorrow morning.

    Just wanted to share my experience…

  4. admin


    I’m really happy for you! It’s a great feeling to meet a dream guide and interact with them. Have you met him again since you had this dream?

  5. J

    I read some of your writings. It’s all very interesting. Maybe I should start my own dream diary too.

    I had a non-lucid dream before. I was surfing the web for pictures and videos related to Silent Hill, a creepy and unnerving game. I was just into those stuff, and I believe the dream I had afterwards had a lot to do with me getting influenced with it.

    Some time after I quit researching the game, I had a dream in which a bunch of kids (that I regarded as friends in the dream–it’s strange, because none of them were my real-life friends and their faces were just blurs) and I were kidnapped in a very old, rusty abandoned building. For some reason, we knew it was a serial killer who kidnapped us. I was some sort of a leader figure there, and suggested everyone that we escape before the kidnapper comes back. Everyone spreaded out.

    The most interesting thing in the dream was the killer’s appearance. He looked just like one of the enemies in Silent Hill, the Red Pyramid, except he wore a butcher’s outfit and had a big chainsaw instead of a gigantic sword.

    To end this ramble short, my friends were killed one by one before even escaping. I was the kidnapper’s last victim being chased, and I woke up as soon as he struck me.
    Like I said previously, I’m sure the killer figure was heavily influenced on that game I was so fond of. Now that I know what it means, it’s pretty interesting.

  6. admin

    I love the Silent Hill series. Strangely most of my dreams tend to be influenced by Resident Evil rather than Silent Hill.

    Start keeping a diary and learn more about your dreams and yourself. Once you have good dream recall you can move on to lucid dreaming and not get stuck in such scary situations (unless you enjoy scary dreams).

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