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33 responses to “The truth about sleep paralysis”

  1. BogMonkey

    I stumbled upon that video myself too. I sent a message to the uploader and asked him to share how he obtained these “facts” about sleep paralysis. So far no reply.

  2. Lareice

    I believe the video, been having these since 12 the last one I challenged it told it to show itself I released me and I heard frustrating pacing on my rug back and forth … after I was comepletly released and woke. Don’t post about stuff u hve no experience in and r not a sufferer. I’m a professional sufferer.

  3. admin

    I would like to discuss with you my experiences with SP in greater detail. If you are still having these experiences you should know that they aren’t impossible to overcome.

  4. Freya


    The answer: The Holy Bible.

    He probably didn’t answer your direct question… well … because… “SHEESH how could you not already know those scientifically valid facts?! Everyone does! Haven’t you read ‘teh holeh bible’ ???”

    If not, I guess they’re not shoving it down your throat strongly enough. Bring in the propaganda!


  5. Bella

    I’ve been experiencing SP since I was a teenager, and up to now it’s still happening even if I’m just elsewhere, like I’m at work wherein I’m NOT sleeping in a supine position (my head is just on my desk). I don’t know the cause of this but I really hate it coz it’s happening like once or twice every month! it’s killing me I swear 🙁 no matter how I pray hard or even if I have a good sleeping habits, takin no drugs or whatever, it still occurs! oh my I dunno what to do.

  6. admin

    You should try embracing it, remembering at all times that the apparitions you see are not real. Once you overcome your fear of it (as hard as that may be) you will learn to control what you experience and create a positive situation. It takes time but it is well worth the effort. Good luck!

  7. serg

    Ok first of all im not christian but I do believe there’s a God. I also believe there’s a devil. Why do you say there’s no such things as demons? How do you explain the peoples stories of seeing scary creatures? I mean come on why do they all talk about basically the same scenarios where they see a creature? Ok so you make fun of the author of the video but if science is sooo smart how come we don’t have an eexplanation for something as simple as the human soul? I for one believe that SP really is caused by demons, I mean there simply cant be a scientific explanation for something like it

  8. candy

    I have been experiencing what you would call HSP since i was about 6 years old. It was terrifying then and 39 years later it is sometimes still terrifying. It occurs for me sleeping on my back or stomach or side and even sitting up… (explain that, since everything i have read claims that it will not occur on your stomach and doesnt address the other positions) I dont only get the “held down” sensation, but i also experience a pushed out of bed or off a chair sensation as well as sometimes i am awakened with a very loud banging on my door( 3 or 4 knocks, thats it) … (when i had a doorbell, it was my doorbell ringing, 3 -4 rings thats it) and no one is there…. what do the studies have to say about the pushing, knocking and ringing? I bet they do not have an answer any of that…..

  9. tam

    I guess more sufferers would tend to believe the video. Being a sufferer myself, there really is no comfort with the scientific facts since they really don’t EXPLAIN anything. I’m sure a lot of us are searching for the truth.. the real reason behind this horrific events. How can science explain the sights.. the experiences ? the feeling? We all want answers. And we want skeptics to stop thinking that we’re crazy when we just can’t settle with the scientific facts.

  10. Nick

    Ive been goen through SP a long time, Growing up I always told people that I still rememberd a dream from when I was a baby. 3 characters a old women, a man in a costum i always said, an a angel, came up to my crib with a small box opened it up an said hello Nicholas. I didnt know what it was untell I started goen throuh SP around 18 as far as I know thats when it started agean. I woke up couldnt move an the same old hag was standing at my door she suddenly started choking me. After that it started every day sometimes multable times a day basicly every time id try an sleep. I got very interested an wrote all my lucid dreams down an SP exprenses an started figuring out alot I really beleve I know what it is theres 4 parts to our mind the old lady is the evel that resites in our minds the shadow man is our restrant to evel hes the part of our mind that hold us back from acting on evel impulses that why he hold us down during SP. An there the good part our guardian angel who you dont usally see because that part of our mind is at rest, we get woke up from usally dieing or getten killed in our dream before goen into sp so the only part of ur mind that wakes up in defense impulse. the left side is the evel part with evel comes its restrant the old hag being evel an the shadow man being her retrant with out him holding us down the evel will take over an we would go do some crazy horrible shit basicly like ur possesed untell u snap out of it, the old hag is who u should be scared of the shadow man is jus doen his job trust me ive been in sp state before i got held down it was scary i jus started remembering what happened luckly I snaped out of it jus at the right time or shit woulda been bad I kept getten up from lucid dreams trying to avoid sp an i guess she hooked on to me one time when i got up i was found running into my dads room after some crazy shit happend not knowing what happend or how i got there. if u have any questions, need help or can help me please contact me thanks peace

  11. admin

    Glad to hear about your experiences with SP, although they sound rather negative. First off, let me say that SP should not be feared even if it seems extremely frightening at times. Nobody has ever died from SP (at least no records I can find show this). So don’t be afraid of it.

    I am not sure if during SP you really believe that there are “old hags” actually in your room or that they are only hallucinations. It sounds like you’ve done some reading on some other websites and believe this to be true (correct me if I’m wrong). To me, this approach can cause more problems because the apparitions you see while experiencing SP are completely subjective and just figments of your imagination. If you focus hard enough you can actually change that “old hag” into a lovely young woman who means no harm. Try to do this and let me know how it goes.

  12. admin

    I’m not really sure what you are getting at here. Maybe you could elaborate?

  13. Neil

    I used to have SP on what seemed like a nightly basis when I was a child, and I had all but forgotten about it until it started up again last week. I’ve had a couple of episodes in this last week, and the first one terrified me. It wasn’t until after it was finished that I remember that I used to experience them when I was a kid. I’m not religious by any means, and I can’t help but laugh at all the demon and spirit talk, but it does “feel” like something is in the room, and I get that prickly “oh shit” sensation. The second time it happened this week, I literally started laughing (mostly in my mind because I couldn’t really talk lol). Now I am reading this all of these posts, I’m becoming genuinely curious about what you said about the relationship between SP and lucid dreaming. I am rarely able to dream lucidly, but I have a great time when I do 🙂 Are you able to induce SP, or do you just wait for it and ride the wave? If you have any insight, feel free to email me at the address I left. Thanks Admin 😛

  14. Joanna

    I have been experiencing sleep paralysis ever since I was a child. I am now in my Twenty’s n still experience it. I feel pain in certain parts of my body. There are times when I felt that Iv woken up just to realize that I am still in the state of paralysis. There are times when Ive felt a presence in my room. But there is one thing I have noticed. SP takes place only when I sleep alone in my room. If there is one or more person sleeping in the same room or sharing the same bed with me, I have a peaceful sleep.
    When it had just started, I was terrified. But as time has passed by, I have gradually started to take control by doing my best to stay calm and take the name of Jesus in the process to help me. The only way to overcome it is face it and stay calm. Whether health factor or demonic presence, the best way is not being scared. As mentioned earlier by personal experience, having your loved one, friend or family member in the room to sleep near you is also helpful. God bless all. Stay strong!

  15. Hank

    First of all I would like to start by clearing up this whole “demonic presents” theory tha everyone is talking about, most of your arguments that are pro-demons sound like “what else could it be?” Or “I swear I saw and felt the demon” or “If everybody has the same demonic story then it must be demons”. Let me tell you that is the most obsurd, repulsive, and ignorant excuse I’ve ever heard. I’ve been hasing sleep paralysis over 5 times a month either because I purposly to it for lucid dreaming or because it involuntarily happens, I have experienced the presents of “demonic being” but that doesn’t mean they exist. When your hallucinating in SP you need to understand that you brain is naturally releasing DMT this is the strongest hallucinogenic (spelling is wrong) known to man, DMT Is also a drug that I have well experienced with and can tell you its very similar to sleep paralysis. When SP Occurs you instantly go into a state of shock there is no way to right off the bat tame yourself from being awake and having no control of your body. The brains first reaction is heavy fear for the instinct of any animal is fight or flight in death defying moments and so you become in a “fight” mode for your unwillingly frustrated and confused, ontop of this your experiencing the strongest possible hallucinations as they are rapid changing like a dream is, because your dreaming. The presents of a demonic figure is out of the question as that is your brain attempting to conseal the situation wich is impossible since you cannot move your in consistant panic, the hearing also plays a major role and your hearing become strongly impared during sleep it can either be very sensitive or def, either way your inner voice will be amplified to screaming points and that can induse more fear. Please stop thinking that demons control this, it is simply lucid open eye dreaming (very very scary ) infact, if you were to film your dream in some form of a brain memory playback moduol and you were able to watchb your dreams I can garuntee that every single person would be scared off their asses by the time the 5 minute dream burst is over, there’s a reason your brain goes unconsious while dreaming its too prevent you from heartattacks (lucid dreaming alters your dream into a peaceful realm)

  16. flutter

    im 13 and i just recently had sp ! i felt like there was a demon holding me down and it wouldnt let me move ,but i couldnt see it so then i tried to say jesus but nothing came out, ive always been scared of demons could it accually be a demon causing sp ? i am a christain and every thing but still! then i had it a few more times and i got to were i felt like my room was haunted im scared to go to sleep and even kinda scared “of the dark ” now… not really scared of the dark but im scared of demons any advice?

  17. flutter

    i feel a little better knowing im not the only one going through this ..

  18. Money

    Well my moms always told me it was the spirit of opression and she a chrisitan if you couldnt tell. But mine are painful sometimes I get like a extremly hard pressure on my brain. One day i thought i was gonna die it was so bad. And i usually get them when im the most stressed out. But yeah.

  19. Quentin

    Wow!! I also thought that I was the only one having this problem. I have been getting sp for years too. And to (Hank) I can very much tell that the cause of this is from demons. Only one time I actually raised my up my eyelids far enough to see and I saw this tall dark figure standing at the foot of my bed and it had white glowing eyes. I just couldn’t believe it but that was real. I actually even had sp early I the morning not even 10 seconds after I closed my eyes to go back to sleep. Its ceazy, I have been having sp for years and years. I used to be very scared of them Im still am a lil bit but I always try to stay calm and say my prayers in my head. There was this one time where I was actually talking to this demon sounding voice and I when I was saying my prayers it told me to shut up and said something and started laughing, then I started laughing and called it a coward because it it didn’t wanna show itself and I woke up after that. There were other times where I had to make it go away in the name of Jesus Christ and God. I had a sp yesterday morning and for the first time I had it when I was on my side. I hate it

  20. Ann

    I’m 15 but I remember my sister would tell me she had tht and I was like no I never had tht and all confused but just in 1 month ( this month) I’ve had it three times. The first 2 times I was just frozen, felt pressure on my body and ears and I was freaked out! But this last time was extremly scary and longer than usual . I woke up and I was laying on my belly and like always I felt pressure on my ears and body but then I started hearing whispering. It was a guys voice but I corny understand what it was saying. Then I started to hear something coming up the stairs ( my stairs creak) and then I heard it open like ky brothers room or something. Thn I started to hear loud airplanes and the scariest part was tht I saw a face! It was imprinted on my bed back thing when I looked up. It was a young guy. With ” Beatles” type hair, and big round eyes but he looked sad Andhra was just looking straight ahead. I looked down then I looked back up at my bed and thn the face was looking down all sad. Idk what’s happening but my friend said she had it too but she thought she heard someone laughing softly. Guys I’m not crazy and making this up ! She said she was just swearing at “it” in her head thn it stopped . I tired that and it didnt work. I remember my mom told my sister to pray and claim the blood of Christ or something. So I was like please God help me please and just saying things like tht and it stopped.

  21. Ann

    I meant NOT making this up. It really happens to me 🙁

  22. Andrew

    I’ve never had any experiences with sp or Lucid dreaming, infact i just recently found out about it and would like to learn more I’m very intrested. If you could hep give me some tips or teach me how hat would be great!


  23. dave keuroglian

    For you to say that demons don’t exist……really! Have you ever had a clinger stick to you during an astral travel? Or seen the shadow figures? I have. I am a christian and have had one’s since I was like 5. Sometimes when I get sp I know when its about to happen and force myself awake. And just recently I’ve started having them again. Just hours ago I was dreaming then felt a presence and knew right away what was about to happen. Its like being mind rapped! I fought back punching and screaming and woke up to find my dog having a seizure. It can attack me. But my dog is harmless and the sweetest creature. I’m more than pissed! Coward. Don’t get the astral world twisted. Demons live in the lowest plane of the astral world. That’s where we are connected in our sleep. The devil is like a lion waiting in the darkness. There are principalities in high places my friend. Funny that you “will” them away with positive thoughts and then go play. I myself believe in demons and understand fear and know when I’m being attacked and when I’m about to go out of body. Two very different things happen. Science hasent been ableto prove the existence of the astral yet. So be careful your dabbeling in religion! And there is only one way to make the demons flee. Call on the name Jesus Christ. And remember there is no darkness in light! When you are being attacked call on Jesus and picture His radient light all around. Demons flee from this.

  24. Emy

    I know all about the scientific explanation about sleep paralysis. But I do not believe it at all. I think it must be an evil entity not always the same, I have felt my body touched and poked , the last time it was massaged I was in paralysis but I managed to scream because after awake my flatmate knocked on my door asking me if I was ok he heard me.
    I usually sleep with an orgonite on my pillow to keep the demons Et away and my cat, but in this occasion I didnt have it with me.
    Sombody gave me a kind of explanation that to me make sense:

    I believe the oeople who experiments this must be a bit of psychic or very tired
    When tired the entity takes advantage of the weakness of our body to try to possess even for few minutes, if you are psychic in the spirutual world you will be like a beam of lights this will attract all wondering spirits to you.
    But the there is another explanatio when we sleep our our astral body detat h itself from our physical body and perhaps occurr an out body experience and as we know our world is populated by a lots of wondering spirits and not all are nice, they can be violent. Have you noticed shen eventually wake up your body is cold, pins and needles, I usually ha e to massage my body and warm up.

  25. Isaac

    Wait, people seriously believe in demons? Very saddening that scientific explanations aren’t accepted even though science consistently proves itself. So yeah you can hallucinate things guys, yep when it’s dark and there is very little noise and your brain is trying to dream you tend to hallucinate. Of course you can challenge your “demons” your mind invented them, whatever you believe pretty much goes when your fighting imagination. Anyways I’m going to induce sleep paralysis, because it seems interesting. Also I read from something I think was called Sleepology 101 that by changing your breathing rate can wake up your body. Which kind of makes sense, I mean breathing is voluntary and involuntary and the body probably would notice a rapid increase or decrease in breathing right? Although you usually breath long and slow deep breaths so breathing short rapid breaths could wake your body up. So if all else fails try this!

  26. Isaac

    I wish there was a reply and I would like to ask Candy if he really woke up or if he was hallucinating about the noises. Also a lot of these people on here don’t seem to understand that being paralyzed brings about certain thoughts on scenarios. Usually a demon is the only known “monsters” that are popularized by culture as things that can control people’s ability to move and when you’re scared and hear weird awkward noises that don’t sound like they’re made by humans well you can see where the pattern of the same scenarios occur. However there is also the occasional horrible idea of a rapist coming into the room or perhaps if you saw a horror movie the same night and well I’ll stop here before I spread anymore scary ideas. So no you are not being haunted by a bored demon that only has one consistent victim that happened to choose you out of 6.8billion people in the world. However if you are a sufferer you are probably experiencing reoccurring horrible hallucinations. Like for say you would have the same nightmare if you realized you were about to have one. I don’t know if I’m phrasing this right, but what I mean is that the instant you realize that you’re in Sleep Paralysis that is the cue to your mind that the “demon” or “monster” is there and that it’s time for some horrible demonic torture. However you can find more information and certain people can go through intense frequencies of Sleep Paralysis. I however have never had Sleep Paralysis. Lucky me, I had other things instead like nightmares multiple days in a row usually followed by me waking up in a heart racing panic followed by my imagination of seeing things and sometimes hearing them. Like seeing a head across the room stare at you and then you try and laugh at it like “oh it’s just a stupid dream” and then it smiles at you and laughs. But that doesn’t really happen anymore so lucky me :3

  27. Monroe

    okay…most of these comments are plain BS….whenever you are in REM sleep, your body is paralyzed so you do not act out your dreams…but when a dream becomes too frightening or exciting you tend to wake up mentally, but not physically, that is when you are physically paralyzed, but your eyes are open. Nothing demonic…just common sense and some proper research should kill your fear in SP

  28. Z

    I’ve had sp on and off for a few years, but I’ve never hallucinated anything until I started researching and found out that people imagined demons and voices and all kinds of things. I personally don’t believe in demons, and the next time I got sp I heard my sisters voice but I don’t rmb what she said. I don’t think these hallucinations are supposed to be scary, it’s just because ur in such a bad state of fear and panic that naturally scary things will be imagined. I think a lot of people just take sp as a cue for the brain to immediately expect monsters or evil spirits, whereas if u think of a loved one or nice things, it’s less likely for you to experience terrifying hallucinations and also makes the whole experience less horrifying.

  29. Jacob

    Ya but guys you forgot one very important thing. Demons don’t exist! Wahhhhh. im 15 and have sleep paralysis pretty much any time i sleep on my back. yes i see weird figures sometimes but guess what??? THEY ARE NOT REAL. They are nothing more than silly hallucinations.

  30. darren

    I`v had good an bad experience with my sp im 20 but never nothing bad enuf to scare me I like it just to be real about it in my experiences my body gets a warm pulse going through it an its really relaxing an I can see what’s going on around me and I am aware but still paralyzed an nine times out of ten if it get too intence I can usely wake myself up from it but for the most part its a pleasent experience an I enjoy it

  31. mihin

    everyone here is looking for truth….i dont know the truth but i assure your memory and expierence holds it….make a journal of your sleep and you ll find the answer….science wont explain but occult science would….it slike a topic , a theory , , a problem coming to us in different forms….some demonic and some mentally….its upto your brain how it would occur to you…your thoughts and beliefs will help you and theres no way to stop it forever….suffer or analyse its upto you

  32. titus

    those who experience it are lucky,demons exist,good and bad,i have experienced sp for 6 yrs now,at first,i wanted money and performed a ritual on selling a soul,thats the 1st time i experienced it.i even talkd to it and the next week i got highest sales

  33. Nunya Beeswaxe

    yes I have had this happen to
    could hear people in the room talking but I couldn’t move
    I stopped panicking years ago when it happens but I still fight to wake up because it catches me by surprise

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