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154 responses to “Does marijuana affect dreaming?”

  1. joe B

    I was a pothead for about 8 years and started having these crazy dreams as soon as i quit smoking. Funny thing is for a 28 yr old man, i wake up sometimes feeling very scared and afraid from these very vivid dreams and nightmares. Apart from a very few dreams where you are a hero, or can fly around or in an orgy etc the rest are just pants pissing scary. eg being chased by giant anacondas, arrested for being a national saboteur and terrorist, some are also recurring dreams where im always the bad guy in similar scenes (like episodes of a series)
    Worst thing is that you carry all you emotions and feelings from the dream into reality. It me takes a day or two to get over them. I’ve had to start smoking again from time to time to avoid these crazy dreams.

  2. lnz

    I feel like when I quit smoking I have so many dreams it’s almost like I’m not getting any sleep at all. It feels like my mind is running all night. But when I am smoking (i have been a heavy smoker for 13 plus years). I dont have many dreams and feel like I sleep much better. That’s one reason why it has been hard to quit smoking.

  3. lnz

    I also feel like weed is a medicine for me. Before I started smoking years ago my stomach hurt all the time, I would even throw up every morning. Since I have been a regular smoker I only have the stomach pain when I don’t have the weed. Also my anxiety and irritability is definitely stabilized when using. But it is very expensive and illegal where I am from and I just can’t carry the habit anymore and I don’t want to be feeling sick everyday And not able to eat.

  4. Narcoleptic

    So I have been diagnosed with narcolepsy and have been searching for more scholarly articles relating to the possibilities of using MJ to treat N. However, there seem to be none. But I did come across this page.

    You may be thinking to yourself, “why would someone who sleeps too much want to use MJ?”

    The reason is precisely what this author described, the suppression of REM sleep. The reason narcoleptics are always to tired is that their sleep patterns are broken. When someone with N goes to sleep, they typically enter REM sleep within a few minutes and continue their sleep in this stage for most of the remainder of their sleep. They skip the other stages where the real restorative sleep occurs and as a result their brains are active all night. Narcoleptics suffer from frequent lucid dreams nearly all the time so in effect their brains are effectively “on” all the time. As you can imagine, this would make one very tired. Suppressing REM sleep is actually the best treatment route for narcoleptics (but most of us live on amphetamines instead).

    So instead of any doctors doing research into MJ to suppress REM, they decided to start prescribing GHB (yes, the date rape drug) to achieve the same effect. Gotta live how the world works: MJ=bad, GHB=good for narcoleptics.

    In any case, if anyone reading this is interested or knows of some actual studies tying the benefits of MJ and N together, please post a link. I wish I lived in a more drug liberalized state, but alas Virginia is not there yet.

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