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172 responses to “Does marijuana affect dreaming?”

  1. Scarlett Hamilton

    Oh, my goddess. I feel sorry for anyone who has nightmares on a nightly basis. But here’s my story…When I recently flew to Florida with friends, I was too afraid to bring my weed along, so I decided to drop it for awhile, also, it was something I had been thinking about doing anyway for quite some time. Having used it nightly for the past 26 years for my insomnia, I decided the time was now for finally giving my body a rest from it. When I saw how the TSA tore my bags apart, I felt I had made the right call.
    I would eat 2 brownies a night, and had only a small enough buzz to cause me to sleep. When I got to FL, I figured a few glasses of wine would be enough to knock me out, but no such luck. I remained awake and completely unable to catch a wink of sleep in the entire 5 night six day trip, practically ruining it for everyone due to my inability to function well during the day, most of which I just spent in my hotel room bouncing off the walls. I was trying not to be a drag, but, as I could not tell the other people I was with what the problem was, I felt quite alone and had no real sense of support from anyone. There was no wifi in the rooms, so I had to listen to the same 2 playlists on my ipod the whole time, and returned home a total basket case. A total wasted vacation.
    When I went to the docs a few days later, he prescribed Valium as he knows me and could see how anxious and weird I had become. The Val worked great but as, believe it or not, I do not like to take dangerous drugs, I didn’t want to stay on it so I have been using different things and combos thereof to get to sleep . Halcion works fine but causes me to wake up all hyper, Mirtazepine doesn’t get me to sleep but with the Hal it worked for a while allowing sleep with no hyper behavior the next day. Lunesta did nothing, as did Xanax, Atavan and Seroquel. Forget Melatonin and Tryptophane. The effects of the Hal and Mirt didn’t last and now I went back on the Hal only so now I am hyper as hell with no sign of letup. AAUUGGHH.
    The only reason I don’t go back on the weed is because I am enjoying the act of actually having dreams which, I don’t care what they say, you do not have on pot. They aren’t particularly weird in my case, but it’s a new experience for me and I am actually enjoying the experience during the rare hours that I do get to sleep. I want to wait until I test clean, and then decide what to do. Fortunately, I am retired and do not have many responsibilities so I can get by however I feel. I cannot imagine what I would do if I had kids and or a job to hold down along with my crappy symptoms. What’s next, I do not know. I need to decide whether or not I want to try other sleep aids, or just stay up staring at the ceiling fan until these symptoms pass. Trouble is, it’s been 6 weeks of this and I am not sleeping any better than I was before. Does anyone have a legitimate sleep drug that works consistently for them?

  2. Mel

    Glad im not the only one. Ive smoked weed for 25 years daily and im on holiday abroad so quit for a week now. Dreams been getting weirder thru the week and an absolute classic last nite. I was reading a book – i can even remember lines from the book – but i was also in the book and living out the chapters- i can remember every scene in crystal detail as if i can look round the places i was at in my mind. This has happened when i have stopped smoking once before when i went to jail but then i just thought it was the stress. The only other symptoms ive had are headaches and going off cake a bit- lol. So obviously giving up weed is not problematic. But im looking forward to dreamless sleep when i get back on it. As a child i had nightmares a lot and weed definately put an end to them. I never dreamed since i started smoking or if i did i cud not remember them and they were less intense.

  3. Joe

    Since I was little boy I have a very specific way to go to sleep and always practice it when going to sleep. At first I think of a problem I want to solve and then let my imagination interweave with the dream. I did this because for me dreams came before I was asleep. Not long ago I learnt this happens to me because I am chronically “depressed” and enter REM sleep always immediately.

    As for the weed … I have 17 years of daily pottery experience . As mentioned earlier , even when I am going to sleep high I experience the REM dreams . During smoking breaks I had more dreams but all vivid just the same. I even tried to get rid of the REM dream by smoking myself to stupidity and that still didn’t help… I always dream.

    I am not sure if this happens to me because I trained myself to be like this or because I am like this . But, “depression” seems to play a great role in this. Also I seem to be getting types of dreams less common, global floods , random jumps in history and meeting with demons. I also enjoy having nightmares they seem to make the most sense.

  4. Joe

    I am a daily smoker and I can say, when I’m consistently smoking I literally don’t have dreams or don’t remember them. Once in a while I’ll have a faint memory of a clip of a dream but mostly no recollection at all. I have gone weeks even months were I don’t remember dreams. I have in my years stopped smoking cold turkey for different reasons and I immediately start having crazy dreams after not smoking for over 24 hours. I’ll have vivid realistic dreams, and have feelings I haven’t felt ever while asleep(if that makes any since). It’s a strange thing, because use anyone who smokes knows when you are high and conscious you almost day dream, and have strange deep thinking. (for some this is paranoia, or just philosophical lol). But never the less, THC deffinately has an affect on dreams.

  5. Marc

    Plain and simple. I am now dreaming again when stopping the green! That’s why I googled and found this. It’s surprised me so much I had to look it up.

  6. Lee

    Yes….this is a REAL person, with a REAL testimony. Oh yeah, I am very familiar with ganja. I have tried it over the years, been in trouble with it…etc etc.

    I have been using it ON and OFF for YEARS and YEARS and YEARS. True smoker… blow’n loud, roll’n up fattyz, POD’d and all dat ya know?

    I went on GOOGLE, because my life’s journey led me here. Now, I had previously stopped using it for over 3 years, and started using it again. My dreams/vivid dreams damn near disappeared. I am here looking for information— a lot of this looks accurate/ on point.

  7. Sonny

    I have bin smoking for 9 years and I can say that I do dream when high and remember my dreams most of my dreams that I remember are very vivid and I remember a lot of details.

  8. Jordan

    I will attest that smoking marijuana most deffinitely inhibits your ability to dream/remember your dreams.

  9. Toxic

    I just had a REALISTIC dream now from Res at university and I’m not a regular smoker, in fact I smoke several times this year and I’ve been clearn for a while. So yes “weed” does affect your dreams and they scare you so much it feels real. While you sleeping, you can feel that you are actually trying to open your eyes but you can’t for a while then, I don’t know why but it stops and then you are back to reality.

  10. Ricky

    In the past few years I’ve gone through a lot of periods where I smoke almost nothing at all, and where I’m smoking almost every day. During one of my first quitting sessions, I had the most unbelievably disturbing dreams. Dreams where I would be achieving the things I didn’t even want to achieve in real life. But slowly, those subsided. I would still have occasional vivid dreams, but they were far less often. As I started smoking regularly again, Nothing really changed. I’d have the occasional dream, and every so often I’d remember what I dreamt. After quitting, within a few days I was right back into the heavy lucid dreams. I started finding that I don’t even want to have these dreams because they were either disturbing, or unrealistic. I also noticed that I would wake up and be absolutely exhausted after these dreamy nights. I don’t care what anyone says… for me, REM makes me sleep worse. I feel like crap the next day. However, if I smoke RIGHT BEFORE going to bed, it’s just as bad. I’ve found that if I smoke a few hours before bed time, and allow the high to subside a bit, I sleep like a freakin’ log. I wake up generally refreshed, and I don’t have that “2 o’clock feeling” at work.

    Lately I have stopped smoking pot, and instead use CBD oils that contain no THC. These are the best because they help me sleep and keep the dreams away. I don’t think this has as much to do with THC, as previously thought. But with the advances in the medicinal fields of marijuana, it will take time before studies are done on this type of thing.

  11. Ted Wirth

    I stopped smoking weed about a month ago, and I have had a vivid dream every time I have slept since then. But its not just that. I remember every one of them upon waking up. Even an hour nap comes with a long vivid dream. It makes sleeping fun in a weird way.

  12. Sahar

    I am so freaking glad I came across this!!! I can relate to everyone! Feeling a bit relieved that I’m not the only one.

    But I need more info, it can’ stop here!!

  13. 20plusyearsmoker

    I used to have vivid dreams before i even knew what weed was. Then on my 18th birthday i started smoking for the first time and these vivid dreams stopped. I stopped smoking for the first time In 25 years and these same type of dreams came back. It was great at first until the bad dreams came and i wake up mad as hell or scared. No other problems from quiting but these dreams that i hated having as a kid . I can remember having these dreams as early as a three year old child. I hate the bad ones but love the good ones. I am now a little scared to go to sleep like Nightmare on Elm Street. Is there any help for this.

  14. bert

    I agree with you guys. I’ve burned for years and I can’t remember any of my dreams. The first day i stopped i had a dream and i kept having more dreams. I don’t necessarily have to burn before bed to not be able to remember my dreams. I usually smoke early in the mornings and sometimes before laying down. I’ve asked my friends about it but no1 feels me. Im tellin you its cannabis

  15. slink

    I just recently stopped smoking. 5 days ago an last night I had my first dream that woke me up out of my sleep… n the last time I had a dream before that was when I was locked up 4 years ago.. an I couldn’t smoke ganjah do im a tru believer now lol I need to smoke tho I don’t like nightmare lol at 26 yrs old lol

  16. Tyler

    oh no, i’m screwed I am an every day smoker who used to love dreaming alot and sometimes I even used to control them (amazing you can do anything), but now I haven’t had a single good dreams in almost a couple of year or if I had i dont recall them for sure…

  17. pat

    I smoke daily and every night beford I got to sleep and I agree with but there are some nights where I’m either just so stoned or so tired that I do actually have vivid dreams and remeber them the next day but i have to say the dreams that i do remember are very strange but I haven’t been able to achieve a full lucid dream but I’m still trying

  18. Karen

    I actually just discovered this article due to my research after a night of intense dreaming. Im a frequent smoker, but for the last 6 days I’ve quit in order to get clean for work. Within the last 2 nights I’ve had incredibly realistic dreams, and just like Joe said, they create feelings I’ve never experienced while asleep. Though I tend to dream very vividly even when I smoke, the dreams I’ve had lately have felt more like reality. Ill be getting out of bed to turn my light on, for example, but wont be able to move my arms and am inhibited by clumsy movements. The way I explain it to myself is that im just very tired and unable to find balance. Fears and anxieties definitely come to the surface as well and it feels like im facing them. Also like joe said, it feels similar to getting really stoned in real life. Like to the point that im questioning my reality. In fact tonight, dream me was sitting on the couch talking to my roommates all while thinking about calming down and focusing on “reality.” When I get too high and feel out of touch with reality, sometimes i get anxious so i tend to make myself look at my hands or nails and say in my head the specific things going on around me (“my nail is chipped. Dani is talking. Theres an ant on the wall.”) to clear my mind of my worrying while feeling like im in touch with the present. I was doing that on my dream couch, looking at my hands, trying not to think about it. Thats the first time ive ever had control of my subconscious in a dream. It was very strangr, and very unsettling. Definitely going to research this more because its incredibly interesting.

  19. It's me

    Wow I guess I’m the only one who has the opposite effect before I started smoking I may have had one dream a month I could remember and once I started smoking I dream every night and can remember everyone of them.

  20. Alex

    I am convinced that whatever happens to you when you dream, or whatever chemicals in the brain are involved with dreaming are released when you smoke marijuana. Thus, putting you in the dream state (possibly even REM) WHILE you are awake. I think that’s why a lot of people when they’re high say it feels almost dream-like. However, I spoke to an ER doctor once who told me that marijuana causes the brain to slow down so much that it is unable to get itself into REM. This also makes a lot of sense, since quitting marijuana would cause your brain to speed up again and therefore cause you to start dreaming again. As a smoker of 10 years and having just recently quit, I am certain that smoking weed does not cause you to “not remember your dreams” as many people claim. It does however, cut off REM entirely (at least while you’re asleep) Since I have quit smoking all day every day, lucid dreams come pouring in every single night and I gotta say I miss just going to sleep and waking up without the nightmares.

  21. Anomonus

    I have been smoking marijuana for Atleast 12 years. I have recently quit in order to find a new job. I have been experiencing really vivid dreams. The qaulity of sleep however is a lot better. I do wake up more often in the middle of the night, I feel more energized when I wake up do rem sleep. We learn from are dreams ex. If you dream about walking you will be a better walker, like what happens as we are babies. Even though it has been 2 weeks a lot of my dreams involve pot. I think because it is still on my mind. And when I wake I feel a sense of guilt until I realize I didn’t actually smoke it was a dream. I feel more on top of things, I do remember more of my dreams and I randomly think of things in the past in my childhood and recent. Overall I would say quitting gives you crazy ass dreams

  22. Shaneh

    I am a daily smoker and have been for about 7-ish years. I have nightmares everyday and even if I don’t I remember everything. I wish the marijuana caused me to have less REM because for some reason my mind is a piece of crap. It’s honestly depressing because I never wake up happy. I wake up scared and/or extremely sad. I honestly need to figure out the cause.

  23. James

    I just stopped smokeing 2 nights ago now and woke up too cold sweats and horrible nightmares I believe this is a normal reaction that my body is going through at this time however a bit scary as I live in a giant tent with no doors! In semi rural nsw Australia I’m looking forward to this period of quitting to be over :/

  24. William

    I could not agree more. That is what led me to this site. I noticed it the first few days. I usually would have a bout 3-6 doubbies a day, to complete 0 and i started dreaming much more often. I dont know know exactly what this means, but honestly I love to have dreams so I definitely wont be smoking anymore off that fact alone lol. I know it wasnt just me. I love the tech age….

  25. Alex

    Im a daily smoker and I found that if you get sober right before sleep the dream to me appeared far more vivid

  26. Amelia

    I hate when i’m not smoking weed as i always have crazy, vivid dreams which make me feel like an emotional wreck and have to stop and work out for a while whether it was a dream or not. I haven’t been sleeping well at all lately and never had this problem when i smoked myself to sleep!

  27. Ed

    I don’t know if I’m the exception to this experiment, but for about 3-4 weeks now, I’ve been having lucid nightmares every night after smoking pot before going to bed, they feel very real and when I wake up, it’s in a cold sweat. I sleep peacefully throughout the night, I only wake up in the morning, but this seems to me as being a very strange phenomena, seeing as how everyone says this happens to them AFTER they have quit smoking.
    Does this happen to anyone else or am I the only one?

  28. Ed

    It’s also important to note I’ve been smoking every day, sometimes all day, for the past 6 years, until 3-4 weeks ago, I’ve been having dreams, but they’ve all been pretty positive. The nightmares JUST started 3-4 weeks ago and have been happening every night.

  29. Ed

    I don’t know if I’m the exception to this experiment, but for about 3-4 weeks now, I’ve been having lucid nightmares every night after smoking pot before going to bed, they feel very real and when I wake up, it’s in a cold sweat. I sleep “peacefully” throughout the night, I only wake up in the morning, but this seems to me as being a very strange phenomena, seeing as how almost everyone says this happens to them AFTER they have quit smoking.

    It’s also important to note: I’ve been smoking every day, sometimes all day, for the past 6 years. Until about 3-4 weeks ago, I’ve been having dreams, but they’ve all been peaceful and positive dreams…the nightmares JUST started and have been happening every night since.

    Does this happen to anyone else, or am I the only one?

  30. hoakum

    I have done tons of research in to this and it is true. It limits rem sleep but you get a does of vivid dreams when you stop.

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  32. Tlommy

    I cant stop dreaming. I have been a heavy smoker for about 8-10 years and within the last 2-3 years I have smoked 4-8 blunts a day. I quit smoking weed 1.5 weeks ago and the last 4 nights in a row I have had insane dreams. I wouldn’t really call them nightmares cause in them im not really scared but I would say more nervous than anything. There is usually something happening in my dream where I could get in trouble if caught. I have been doing a lot of research since the dreams started and it seems to be a real common problem. I have been recording my dreams in case anyone is interested in reading about them, I had another crazy one last night although my memory on it is a bit faint so I hope thats just a sign that my body is starting to adapt. I can only hope cause its starting to really mess with my health. I can handle this “REM Rebound” anymore… oh and the blog that I started the other day with these “vivid” and intense dreams is “i-stopped-smoking-weed.tumblr.com” in case anyone has any interest.

  33. Josh

    I would agree with most of you guys, since I was young I always over thought things, since the 80’s various doctors have diagnosed me differently. The only thing that has worked to level me out like most other people was Marijuana. I’ve been using it now via a vaporizer for the last ~14 years, I’ve never been a huge user, not usually getting totally baked unless there is company or whatever, but preferring to maintain a mellow level of high throughout the day. Before using I would extremely vivid dreams, that I could never learn to control. As a result I would often experience both night terrors and good dreams. Nothing would even come close to tempering before. Once I started using it was literally a 100% decrease to my dreaming of any kind, I could suddenly sleep for 8-9 hours straight with no real interruptions. The only other significant differences that I noticed was that I became a very light sleeper, even the slightest sounds would wake me up until I trained myself to as best as I can describe “think about and analyze the sound before waking myself up” thus identifying it as unimportant or whatever and ignoring it before waking. However since then I’ve always felt like I was never fully asleep, stuck somewhere in between and a distinct increase in “day dreams”. The irony being that I sleep better now then I did without it. I miss the good dreams they were almost always accompanied with terrors in the same night, thus preventing me from getting any real sleep. Now its been about a week since I stopped smoking to get a new job, and within 48 hours of stopping, these super intense dreams are back. Last night I was living out a recent book I read following the vivid journals of a soldier during the american revolutionary war. Needless to say this was the most terrifying dream I’ve had in 15 years, and since then it seems like a lot of the dreams that the marijuana has “repressed” are surfacing in greater number and detail than before. Now when I started smoking my family almost immediately noticed the changes in my behavior for the better, and since then almost everyone I meet is very surprised when they find out that I use marijuana. In my opinion this was the best thing for me, Its transformed me into a more stable, functional, and social person. On the other side this holiday weekend many of my family mentioned that I seemed very out of sorts. hyper yet exhausted, anxious, easily irritable, overly obsessive about details etc. My mother was particular disturbed as she knows all to well how I was before, and knew immediately that I had stopped using. It seems quite obvious to me that marijuana either stimulates the release of the “dreaming chemicals” thorough the day instead of in a burst during your normal REM sleep. Or somehow limits the amount of chemicals released.

  34. Andy

    Hey there. I just woke up from my first dream in a year, due to smoking (i guess). About a year ago my grandmother died, and guess what – i just had the most terrifing dream ever: carcrash, tears, a bronce statue crying, my whole family turning into undead zoombies (silent hill shit!!!) and i had to kill both my little zombie coussins, simply rip off their heads, while i was hiding out from the rest of my family… woke up scared as hell and ended up in this forum – if you read this, happy dreams for you 🙂

  35. Kieran

    Wow … This sems so true ive been a heavy pot smoker for at least 7 years straight. Within that gime i never really used to dream much just sleep and wake with the occasional dream. The past week ive decided to give the good stuff a break to clense myself but since i have stopped i have been having very crazy dreams that wake me up with feelings asif the dream had been real. These drexms have been waking me with emotions ive never felt before whilste dreaming, it seems im not the only one experiencing this and explains alot hopefully they calm down abit for me but now i know im not alone

  36. 4as4is4

    Looks like the best I can do is add yet another voice saying that, yes, pot cancels out dreaming, or so my experience seems to indicate. I am a cultivator, part-time cookie monster and nightly toker.

    I started to get interested (again) in the notion of lucid dreaming mainly out of an intense desire to reconnect to my dream state, nightmares and all. For the last few nights I have been listening to self-hypnosis recordings I made that plant the suggestion “You will have a dream tonight and you will remember it”.

    Worse than a negative result, after a couple of nights of complete blank, I had a half-dream (in that it seemed thin and perhaps even faked). I was in an unlit concrete tunnel. The air was dead and it was completely silent. Before me it was dark, and behind as well, I guess. I remained where I was, aware that I was waiting for or looking for a dream. But also sensing that there were no dreams there, no vagabonds no policemen, no insects, no crumbing cliffs, no pianos made out of oyster shells – the usual canards of my dreams.

    And so I start to Google whether it is posible to run out of or kill your own dreams, whether green can be responsable for this (dang I hope not. I enjoy it.) I find this site, I leave my story, and will return.

  37. admin

    Thanks for sharing with us. Try not smoking for a few days and your dreams should return vividly.

  38. Neerav Kothari

    i had pot for the first time 3 days back and i experienced both vivid day dreams and night dreams. i just remember they were vivid and i remember telling it to my friend on phone who had been a stoner, until some time back. i dont remember what the dreams were any more.

    i had 4 glasses of bhang milk and 1 weed joint without tobacco.

  39. Xanth

    Not sure what y’all are talking about… personally, I find weed only causes me to have crazier and more memorable dreams when I am on it. I do get nightmares sometimes, and I’ll admit it seems I now lucid dream far less often than before I started smoking regularly, but all the same I have more intense dreams that I can actually recall than before. Naturally, I still forget them, but I have had some crazy dreams going to bed high that I can still recall to this very day. Guess it’s just a different experience for everybody.

  40. daniel nava

    i was an avid smoker for 14 years. i just stopped in January and have been dreaming again. i had heard smoking affected dreams but never really thought about it. i just figured i had forgotten them or didn’t have them. this passed 2 moths i dream every night. even if i take a short nap i dream. if i wasn’t smoking i couldn’t fall asleep. it took like two weeks but now i fall asleep “like normal people”. i never really had any medical issues just used pot as a social and eventually a habit type drug. i’m glad i quit but do plan go visiting a few times a year.

  41. anett222

    long before i started smoking i was experiencing incredibly vivid and disturbing nightmares, where i would wake up screamimg or in pani attacks. (i believe these were partly down to an abusive step parent/family issues for a number of years in childhood.) i started smokimg around 18yrs but not regularly until i was about 20. since smoking regularly i either dont have these nightmares or dont remember them at least. ok so i also very rarely have any kind of dream but i think id rather this tham wake up in a complete state of panic most nights. i find that when i do go without or smoke less in a night these dreams/nightmares come back very quickly.

  42. john gomez

    Now this is a skewed test to base results off of. Cannabis isn’t just THC. Saying that giving someone giving someone a thc pill is the same as ingesting all the different cannabinols in cannabis is just ignorant


    I’ve read all the comments and i’m like every daliy base smoker! simple as that “The more you smoke weed, the less dreams you’ll have or remember!
    and if we’re talking about lucid dreaming then wow that would be really hard to Do while being stoned all the time.
    i just need to give it a rest…. you too People!

    Lets dream again

  44. 420 everyday

    I have been smoking for well over 3 years and I decided to quit cold turkey randomly and all of asudden I’m getting these crazy dreams. I always had dreams but it seems like I’m have like 5x more!!! I find myself being able to control certain dreams as well. When I am having a nightmare and some guy is trying to kill me I make a secret passage way or I can fly is that crazy or what??? I love dreaming.

  45. admin

    This is true, however there haven’t been any other studies on this topic (to my knowledge). Likely it stems from the fact that marijuana is still classified as an illegal drug with no medical benefit, thus making it very difficult for researchers to get funding for further studies.

  46. Jake

    Buds definitely make not dream or if it did I couldn’t remember dreaming when I woke up I smoked since 8th grade in HS and I did it because it helped me keep focused whether I was working on homework or writing a paper it kept me in track now that I’m graduating from Tech school in 3 months and got a $15 an hr internship I had to quit smoking the good old buds it was very hard for awhile I dealt with serious depression but after a few weeks I felt normal again and I’m dreaming alot now probably 3-4 dreams a night some really awesome and some extremely scary but I love dreaming now and I will still and always be pro weed #LLEGALIZEITALREADY

  47. Tim

    I have never had good retention of my dreams. For as long as I can remember, I have never been able to remember my dreams well. I can remember very specifically 2 dreams from my childhood. They’re not recurring (as far as I can remember) and I remember them very clearly, even today. Both were really unrealistic; one was fun and the other was scary but not necessarily a nightmare. Occasionally I’d remember dreams in the morning but they were fleeting and normal.

    I since making smoking part of my daily routine about a year and a half ago, I’ve found I remember my dreams much more frequently. I think this is due to the fact that they are usually more unrealistic and just more memorable in general.

  48. noob

    I night terror when me high me no night terror

  49. Tom

    I don’t drink or smoke weed. I tried it once and was out of it for 2 days. I don’t have any sleep problems and I very seldom dream or maybe I just don’t remember. The dreams I do remember (about one in 6 months) are usually sexual. I really wish I could dream. A close family member has been smoking for several months to help her sleep. I am going to talk to her to try and understand her problems and what I can do to help.

  50. Sarah

    As a stoner myself.. I have to say not having dreams is not a very negative downside for weed.. yea, I do have to admit I really miss my dreams. So much so, I stumbled across this page because I was curious to research if others experience this phenomenon as well! I used to have a lot of lucid dreams and intense REM sleep. But truly, it often triggered anxiety and stress in my real life. So after smoking pretty much everyday for 5 years.. do I miss my dreams? Yes. But do I miss my anxiety? Do I miss my anger issues? Do I miss feeling sick all the time & not having any appetite? No. And for me it’s worth saying goodbye to my dreams. Weed has been the greatest find of my life.. without it, I would not be nearly as happy & successful as I am. I have seen weed negatively effect other people and I NEVER try to push it on anybody else. It has personally worked wonders for me though!

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