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172 responses to “Does marijuana affect dreaming?”

  1. mesila

    I believe people have these sorts of dreams when they haven’t gotten stoned for a while as the system’s way to make up for what is missing. Marijuana makes ordinary reality dreamy. It taps into the part of your mind that’s like that.

    That said, I still dream when I’ve been stoned for an extended time, though I never have had “lucid” dreams except when I’ve been coming down from LSD.

  2. admin

    Thanks for the comment. I agree that cannabis does seem to make waking life dream-like and when a habitual smoker abstains from smoking for a few days it is usually followed by a rush of vivid dreams.

    LSD does have an interesting effect on dreaming. Although it is nearly impossible to sleep while on acid, on the come down many people have told me they experienced their first lucid dreams or OBEs. I’ve actually done one experiment with this and found it much easier to lucid dream even a day or two after the effects of the LSD have worn off. It could be entirely physiological but I believe part of it is the “opening of the mind” psychological effect that lingers on after tripping, allowing you to look at things in waking life from another perspective. I believe this carries on to the dream world and makes you question whether or not you are asleep, thus allowing you to become lucid.

    Guess I’ll need to write about the effects of LSD on dreaming.

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  4. Day Tripper

    Lucid dreaming after taking LSD definitely (for me even 20+ years later) has aided me in my ability to not only experience lucid dreaming with great ease, it allows me to “feel” the dream with a realism that is so unbelievable I feel as though my “dream spirit” can freely leave and return to my body. The “dream spirit” also has the ability to “transfer” memories from anytime of its eternal existence adding to the realism experienced while in a lucid dream state.

    I believe LSD is just a short cut to simple lucid dreaming. Meditation is the natural way to get there.

  5. admin

    The link between LSD and lucid dreaming is one I’d like to explore in greater detail. In my experiences taking LSD, I have noticed a sharp increase in my interest and ability to lucid dream. I don’t know if the chemical structure of the LSD influences the brain’s capacity to become conscious while dreaming or if the revelations LSD brings about lead to a greater awareness of the self which in turn cause an increase in one’s interest in lucid dreaming which in turn causes more lucid dreams. I’ve noticed that for weeks following a trip, I have a greater chance of becoming lucid than normal.

    Unfortunately, these questions may go unanswered for quite some time due to the general stance on LSD held by the governments of the nations with the capabilities to carry out such scientific studied. Self-gathered evidence and anecdotes aren’t enough to affect the scientific communities standpoint on such matters.

  6. anna

    Ok so how did you guys get on a conversation about acid from weed?? well i have never tried acid always been to scared… yea yea imma bitch bout that crazy shit, shrooms either, almost anything chemically altered im koo, but my bay bay mary is wit me for life, and i have started realizing i dont really dream either anymore, i smoke weed all day everyday for at least 5 years, i only quit once for about 2 months and thats when i started realizing i was dreaming more often. until i started smoking again, now i usually smoke a blunt right b4 i go to sleep so im out pretty quick ut when i dont smoke b4 bed, i lay for at least 20 min thinkin about random shit trying to fall asleep, but sometimes its those nights i actually dream. but i smoked last night as i usually do nd oddly had a scary dream, i actually woke up in the middle of the night for the first time in years. and i didnt do anything different, so maybe, smoking doesnt keep us from dreaming but we are so knocked out while dreaming we really just dont remember what we dreamed about

  7. J

    I rarely get dreams, yet the bud I’ve been smoking recently has seemed to change that. It’s called Critical Jack and you can buy it at http://www.cannabis-seeds-bank.co.uk. It ships to the U.S. no problem. I’ve placed several orders with them. I’m medical out of Oregon so I don’t worry about the legal part. Back to what I was saying… Since my grower brought some by, every time I take some before bed, I have at least 2, but sometimes 5 or 6 vivid dreams that night. I cannot help but believe that that strain of bud has some chemicals in it that help produce dreams or allow me to acheive R.E.M. sleep. Maybe I’m not in R.E.M. sleep but the bud is allowing me to dream like I was??

  8. keanu

    I cant say i believe this because I started looking for a reason why I’ve had one of my most lucid dreams ever and it was the night I smoked and may have been coming down at the time I went to sleep, but it was actually a decently memorable dream.

  9. admin

    I don’t believe it is impossible to have a lucid dream while stoned (on weed). You do still dream when stoned. However, I do believe it is much easier to recall your dreams when you haven’t smoked or when you’ve taken a break from smoking. Those, in fact, can be the most vivid lucid dreams.

  10. Redburn

    Now is this a study of “lucid” dreams because those are dreams where you know you’re dreaming. I quit smoking for a few days and recently I’ve been having crazy dreams, but only one dream where I knew I was dreaming. The terms been thrown around but no elaboration on whether you’re only talking about the dreams where you know it’s a dream or just vivid dreams.

  11. John

    I dont understand were all of this talk about not having dreams when you smoke. I smoke…I smoke alot…. and i always smoke before i go to bed.
    and about 4/7 days of the week i will have a CRAZY dream. And on the nights when i smoke hash i will seem to have even more intense and vivid. SUPER realistic.
    I know the hash makes this happen. I know this because i bought a gram of hash from my local dispensary about 3 months ago( i am a prop 215 patient )
    over the week that i smoked this has i had 3 of the most realistic, intense, and out of this world dreams. once the hash was gone….the more realistic dreams were gone.

    and now just this week i bought another gram of hash and i have been having the Super crazy realistic dreams again. I am convinced its the hash.
    And its not even that i cant remember what happened in my dream the next day.
    The dreams are almost like i was living and when i wake up its like i had just lied down to rest my eyes because of all the crazy stuff i have done.
    Just the other day i had a dream i had found a backpack in a freezer at a grociery store and in the back pack was a roll of money in the front pocket, so i looked around and no one was looking so i stuffed the money in my pocket and left the backpack in the freezer and left the store. i than proceded to send the money and go home. i woke up and was sitting there talking to my girlfriend and i checked my wallet and was like ” DAMN IT WAS A DREAM!?!? ”

    Hash is a hell-uh-vuh drug…

    Johncorral@ymail.com…………..Booga booga!@

  12. conor

    I bought those same seeds from that website. I’ll be sure to tell you if my dreams are affected from the bud as soon as its grown.

    Some people are able to lucid dream every night when there high and some people just cant. But I’ve heard stories of some intense stoned lucid dreaming.

  13. Donnie Sparks

    I’ve been very interested in this subject for quite a long time now, and as you’ve said, there’s not much to be found on it even in dream forums (like dreamviews.com or sleeps.com), but I’ve found cannabis to have a FAR more profound affect than either of the 2 other “dream herbs” I’ve tried (at least 5 times each… Calea zacatechichi and an herbal smoke blend that claims to “promote incredibly vivid dream” Both had only a slight affect), and so I’ve done my own experimenting and note-taking and this is what I’ve found…
    Yes, when you quite smoking weed you start dreaming even more frequently and vividly than you normally would, but didn’t you guys also notice that you had vivid, wild dreams when you STARTED smoking too. The trick seems to be moderation (Terrence McKenna even said that he thinks most westerners smoke more than they really should and that once a week is better…). I get the cheaper stuff that you have to pick seeds out of and I pack a bowl only about once every 2 or 3 days, and I have wild, awesome dreams not quite EVERY night but almost (the nights that I don’t are usually because I didn’t get to bed early enough to be able to get enough REM sleep, or because I smoked too soon before going to sleep). When I used to smoke all the time, I missed my dreams. When I quit, I loved the dreams (ESPECIALLY the first 1-2 months while my body was still purging all that THC), but missed smoking. Now I get the best of both worlds and the only hard part is ending the wild adventures to get out of bed & back to my normal, boring daily routine. I hope you guys/gals find this info helpful, that it works just as well for you, or that you at least find some method that does.

  14. Liz

    This is a good thread. I had night terrors for almost 13 years until I started smoking marijuana. Marijuana has really helped me with my sleep problems. It feels great to finally get good rest. Reading this thread has finally given me the scientific answer I have been searching for (for 13 years) to explain my night terrors and why I haven’t been having them. I would be a good candidate to show the public how marijuana can help sleep disorders. Night terrors have plagued my life and the only thing that has worked for me has been weed!!!!! (I have been to counselors, taken A LOT of sleeping pills, etc…)

  15. RhetoricCamel

    I smoke marijuana and have found that I don’t dream. I quit for 2 months to clean up for a job and during those two months I had dreams that I remembered, I was a dictator, I was trying to find my girlfriend and had stolen a cop car, I had all types of crazy dreams. I miss them, but I like to get high since I can’t drink alcohol. A joint at night, is like someone drinking a couple beers to unwind.
    If only there was a way to still dream or achieve REM for marijuana smokers.

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  17. Katie

    I remember when I ate great pot brownies, I slept and had a long trippy dream for like twelve hours. I smoke myself to sleep every night and still have vivid dreams on a regular basis. I wonder why the opposite is heppening?

  18. Vanna

    I’m 23 and have been smoking for the last 5 or so years and pretty much all day everyday too. So it’s really weird reading this article because my whole life I always always have very intense dreams. And always fall into REMs while sleeping. I assume this because if I am ever woken up by someone, it’s extreamly hard to get me out of sleeping, until I am completely refreshed. So that being said, when I started to smoke pot at about 17, my dreams are still just as intensely as ever, I just more or so sleep much much deeper while high.  
    My dreams are incredibly realistic, that sometimes I’m lead to beleive I’m really mad at a friend or something in real life. Lol. That I have to think back and think, wait, that was just a dream! It’s almost as if I never sleep bc my dreams seem to last all night and can sometimes lead to me getting stressed during my sleeps. I have even cried during my sleep (but that hasn’t happened often) a few Friends have woken me up worried. So my nightmares??…. Are really really scarey… I have to fight with myself to wake myself up. Which will work eventually, but it’s takes a little bit of a fight. Then SOMETIMES! I can argue with myself and tell myself it’s a dream so I can do whatever I want! Then I can, but if I do take control I wake up not too long after. And because of these dreams, I wake up out of breath, stressed, broken hearted, depressed or even happy. So all that I have experienced with Pot is it’s not as easy to wake myself up if I’m high and asleep. I just sleep deeper. Its just me that always sleeps and dreams like that. Thanks for this article though!!  

  19. Lips

    I smoked so much marijuana that I fell asleep in a boating accident

  20. admin

    I am cracking up right now.

  21. HorseGirl

    This is directed at Liz… I have suffered from Sleep Terrors for 8 years now, and been in and out of doctor’s offices both Western and alternative, and nobody seems to know WHAT to do about it.

    Do you really, really think the marijuana took your Terrors away? Mine are pretty severe…3-5 times a week, waking up in an absolute, heart pounding breathless, screaming, sometimes running around the room TERROR. Could you please tell me more about your experience?

  22. NighTMARES360

    I had some dreams where something that look like Darkness try and Take me. End of the world dreams which are very scary which should not happen but since Ive started smoking Ive been weak and tired and Shadow figures in my dreams Just Scary. But i dont know i like smoking but Something tells me there a reason Why i dont want to do it any more its like a test. Ive talked to friends and they say its the D

  23. mikhail

    I have stopped smoking or atleast stopped for now, due to grades. and at night i have just been dreaming so much, its quite odd to me. As i have been smoking for about 3 yrs straight, i never dream, or atleast can never recall them, and now i am waking up because of my dreams, they are so intense.
    This was definitely a good article

  24. Dan

    As a regular smoker I can attest to all of this. When you smoke weed a lot (not just specifically before you sleep) you literally stop dreaming. When you quit smoking weed after long term usage (I’ve tried a few times) it takes about 2 days for the intense dreams to kick in properly and for me lasted the whole 7 months of me not smoking.

  25. Elyse

    I have been smoking for 5 years. I do not dream but when I stopped smoking the few times that I did I have very vivid dreams. So very detailed and lots of jerking in my sleep…
    I’d be interested in more studies on this topic and more but difficult to find .

  26. sharad

    agree with Mikhail and Dan…. i quit too and have started to dream again, doh they havent been vivid or scary and does sometimes convey a message or your own belief and being there in the dream you definately believe you’re there cause it seems so realistic, no wonder you don’t ponder why you land up there.
    I think and most of you would agree that u yourself are always there in the dream so its just a reflection of your brain, mindset and scenarios(situations) doh you might not have any control over it. I have’nt been dreaming so much… even sometimes if i wake up to pee and immediately sleep and can continue with the same dream aswell and still it would seem so real…. dint really have dreams whe i used to smoke, there is definately a relationship.

  27. darkwingduck

    i had a dream that i had fruity intercourse with the asian guy from the hangover (im a straight guy) wtf


  28. jon

    I’ve been smokin about 5 years an from what I’ve collected I RARELY dream! Its probly that I don’t remember it but seriously when I’m high or been high an I go to bed I wake up.. its been black sleep the whole time.. I recently laid off the weed for a few days an had my first dream in awhile it was weird an I thought about it an was like woah I had a dream! So 100 percent dreams are effected by weed! Hope this helps someone. An for that one guy that always has crazy dreams no matter what… your a rare expeption to the fact haha

  29. Barbara

    This article is awesome! I had no clue that smoking would be a reason why I wasnt dreaming or couldnt remember it. Ive been blazing since I was 12yrs old and Ive noticed the older I get the more I notice Im not dreaming at night and usually very tired through out the day. Ill try not to smoke during the night to see if my “dreaming” changes. Hopefully it does…

  30. Chase Sullivan

    Well for one thing, they did these tests after they gave primarily THC to the participants. High levels of THC in marijuana is known as mainly a Sativa strain. Sativa strains have high amounts of THC and low amounts of CBD. Indica strains have high amounts of CBD and low amounts of THC. Meaning, Indica is for sleep, and Sativa is for throughout the day.

  31. SCgirlfromTN

    I smoke occassionally but don’t dream much. I tend 2 wake up durring the night/early am so don’t always get 7-8 hrs. Uninterrupted sleep. I do know what I’m smoking now gives me energy 2 get shit done….they say stoners rn’t productive…what’s up wid dat?

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  33. Diamond Sky

    I am a regular pot smoker. Have been for about 2 years. Do it everyday. But about 7 months ago, I had to quit because of grades in school. And in that 2 month period I experienced some of the most VIVID dreams I have ever had. But not smoking isn’t the exact answer, because when I started smoking excessively again I actually had my first lucid dream. There was a pep rally in the gym and I started to fly up and shoot blue balls of energy from my hands and killed everyone. I then told myself to fly out of the school, and I did. It was then that I experienced what I actually thought was flying, and it was amazing.

  34. vodalus

    Just throwing in my two cents. I smoked habitually and heavily for many years, and weed completely cut off all dreaming for me. I dropped the habit entirely on Aug. 1st, and since, I have been dreaming regularly and vividly. Finally, I feel I have restored a very vital function to analyzing my life and moving forward with things that I’ve had on hold for over a decade.

    Now, weed like any other chemical or narcotic, affects everyone differently, but I believe you seeing a consistency in these posts in terms of people who use weed a lot justifying their behavior. I see this a lot in habitually addicted people, that they tend to view their drug use as medicinal, and someone operating at this level of denial will have a very hard time admitting that there are possibly negative effects to their drug use.

    The fact is, that unless you are growing your own, you really have no idea what mix of thousands of chemicals you are putting in your body. It could be, as a prior poster mentioned, that some strains won’t affect your ability to dream or your short term memory in the same way, simply because they have a different chemical makeup than others. This could be due to plants not being properly flushed, or plants that are grown hydroponically on all kinds of different nutrient mixtures.

    For me, personally, the answer was to stop smoking herb entirely. I found that habitual weed use was like strapping on an 80 pound backpack and trying to walk through life. It was a massive handicap. Some others might feel the opposite. To each his or her own.

    To the poster that talked about consistent night terrors being solved by smoking weed, I would suggest that there is probably some deep psychological cause to your night terrors, and that instead of addressing the root cause of that problem to solve it, you are simply shutting off your ability engage in REM sleep or your ability to remember your dreams. In my opinion, you should see a therapist (not a psychologist!) instead of simply turning off your dream switch and burying your terrors in a fog. You could be doing more harm that good with your “cure”.

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  36. Tom

    I have always had very intense and details dreams. Most of my dreams seem to be kinda far fethched when it comes to what I’m dreaming about. The dreams are just really out there..I seem to dream often about the world ending which is wierd bc it’s seems to effect me when I’m awake bc I’m sometimes paranoid about the world ending or the new world order taking over. I work graveyard and after getting home and smoking out of a bong and getting rediculously ripped, I’ll be I’n bed by 10am. I fall asleep within ten min and usually sleep longer when I’ve smoked before falling asleep. Does sleeping during the day while under the influence of weed effect my dreaming? Does the whole day time part mess with the effect of thee marijuana? My dreams are always intense and something straight out of a movie. Before falling asleep I somtimes hear voices I’n my head as if I was starting to dream but am just not fully asleep yet. Which is wierd. My dream lastnight was about a massive wave flooding where i lived and as I held onto my dad and nephew, we stood at the bottom of the what was now the ocean I guess and then we shot straight up towards the surface and we came out of the water and took I’n the air. When we floated at the top we could see the sun and it was exactly like when I’n a plane and you rise above the storm and see the bright sun shining and the bluest sky ever. The water then receeded instantly and we eventually were back down at my house.

  37. Hunter S.

    First of all, I believe moderation is the key to both smoking weed and being able to have dreams. Then, as Chase Sullivan pointed out, it probably comes down to what kind of weed you’re smoking. Indica is surely a cause for a more heavy sleep (less REM, more stage 4). So, smoking Sativa a few days a week, doing it a couple of hours before going to bed, is probably not affecting your dreaming, if only mildly.

    But there’s something else that no one here has spoken about; the possibilities to WILD (Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming). When I get really high, the kind where you’re paralized, the imaginery when closing my eye’s is extremely vivid. It’s not Lucid but it sure is a great way to get there. Especially when I listen to music. And even if you’re not getting to have a lucid dream, you can create a lot by just closing your eyes and imagining.

  38. james

    I am at this site because I just woke up from a horrible dream. I have always noticed when I quit smoking weed for any extented amount of time that I would have very vivid and intense dreams. I woke up tonight and decided to Google how stopping affeceted dreaming and low and behold I am here. I see that I am not alone. I do not want to start smoking again just to stop my dreams. I like to dream but do not like to wake up screaming because of them. Any suggestions?

  39. mel

    i’ve been smoking 6 years, everyday, mostly at night. i have vivid dreams, lucid dreams, sometimes even sleep paralysis. guess it doesn’t work on me

  40. admin

    Smoking cannabis doesn’t necessarily destroy vivid dreams. I find that smoking (especially cannabis indica) before sleeping makes dream recall harder in the morning. If you can smoke and recall most of your dreams then consider yourself lucky.

  41. admin

    If you continue to abstain from smoking then the intensity of the dreams will quickly lower (after a few nights). I wouldn’t worry about it too much and instead would focus on being able to control/manage what you dream about. Read my article about keeping a dream journal as a start, that will help you understand your dreams better and move you one step closer to being able to control them.

  42. admin

    Really good observation Chase. I should update the article to mention the different strains of cannabis and how they could affect dreaming.

  43. admin

    Thanks for the comment. I should go back and update the original article to mention cannabis sativa vs. cannabis indica in terms of their effects on dreaming.

    You can definitely get stoned on cannabis and initiate a WILD. I’ve managed to do it before but very rarely.

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  45. bob marley

    Hey, i’ve just quit for a second time, after smoking ridiculous amounts everyday and for long periods of time. I just looked up if smoking affects your dreaming at all and i stumbled across this. Both times while i was smoking, i guess i didn’t really notice at the time, but i don’t think i ever dreamt, well i must of, but i don’t recall any at all. What i did notice is that i was having weird and surreal dreams, they were really intense and when i woke up i would be in that mood my dream left me in and it would make me sad, but i just dismissed it as nothing really. Now i’ve quit for a second time, and i’ve noticed i’m having really intense dreams again, worse than before, i’ll wake up sweating, angry, sad and it will feel like the dream was so real because it’s something that’s happened or could happen and not fantasy, it’s crazy! I agree with you totally, what your saying is completely true, it makes me want to study this haha! But these dreams start between a week to a week and a half after i quit and it just feels like all that dreaming i haven’t been having whilst smoking are all coming out at once and it’s doing a number on me! Haha. I’m certainly not going to be smoking for long periods of time ever again, because i believe it’s just going to get more intense!

  46. Lex

    nice post very interesting, i am 26 years old and have smoked weed for around 10 years, i am currently cold turkey and have not smoked for around 2 weeks now. i tend to go through patches like this and literally the only thing that stops me from quitting is the dreaming.

    when smoking weed i tend not to dream, and on the rare occasion i do, it is hard to really remember what it is about. when not smoking, after a couple of nights, maybe even one, i start to experience horrifyingly vivid dreams, many of which i have certain control over.

    as soon as i am aware i am in a dream things start to break down and the dream itself seems to attack me in some sort of way, for example i awoke around 10 minutes ago due to dream just like this, me and some guys were playing track and field, an old arcade game, in my friends old basement, all laughing. because i have had many vivid dreams recently, the majority of them knowing they are dreams (possibly 100%) as soon as i realised, my friends laughing expression just dropped, he calmly walked over to me, seemed to be moving really fast though, and started to eat my left arm.

    at any point i am able to discontinue the dream and can wake myself up, however i like to see how far i can let it go before it becomes too much, or what aspects of the dream i am able to control.

    really tough not to go back to weed as this is happening every night 5-12 times a night and is destroying my ability to sleep properly

    just thought i would share

  47. Carlos

    It’s funny, since if I smoke, it’s hard to have dreams, but when I quit smoking, I start dreaming… about smoking (and I get high in my dreams and all)… so whichever way I smoke :-/

  48. Keith

    Oh man I’m glad I’m not the only one going through this.

    I used to have crazy dreams 20 years ago, then started smoking weed- and they died off, or at least I became less aware of them and could sleep through the night.

    I smoked pretty much everyday for the next 20yrs- prob 1 to 2 nice fatties each day. I just quit about a month ago, and my dream started about 5 days after quitting.

    I have INTENSE dreams everynight- woke up screaming yesterday it was so real-it’s almost unbearable. Also suffering from stomach cramping too, which sucks ass. I’m tempted to head to the ghetto to get a dime bag just to make the dreams stop, though that’ll prob just make me want to start again.

    To Liz, if your dreams are that bad, I would bet that smoking might help—unless you have other psychosomatic issues. In that case, it could make them worse. Don’t do it if you’re already taking depression medication.

  49. Oliver

    Hi guys, My inspiration to quit weed after 15 years is to master the art of lucid dreaming Its been 5 days this time round and my dream recall is starting to improve. for me its simple, i smoke i don’t remember, if i don’t then i do.

    I am a relative novice, but i think smoking weed to get rid of bad reams sounds like a controversial idea. What I understand and from past experience and (EXPLORING THE WORLD OF LUCID DREAMING BY STEVEN LA BERG) an amazing book, overcoming nightmares can be relatively easily achieved by becoming lucid. I highly recommend you by this book. Good luck and happy dreaming.

  50. Graeme

    This research is fascinating but needs to be taken further. After months and months of smoking before I go to bed I started noticing my motivation for social and cultural activites diminish. I couldnt figure out if I was being shy or really loosing confidence from weed somehow? Well with this research and the newest research on REM sleep I have a theory. Facts are now coming out that dreams are what develop our personalities based on the events that occured that day before you went to bed. Basically a lack of REM sleep from weed would eventually fill a gap in your personality due to an inefficent amount of REM sleep. Let me know what everyone thinks?

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