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8 responses to “The search for a cure for sleep paralysis”

  1. BogMonkey

    Brilliant information. First decent scientific approach to manipulating sleep paralysis I’ve read so far.

  2. Steve Flipside

    I’m all for scientific explanations to the physical world around us, however when I hear people say things like, “They have a problem with people bringing God/Religion into scientific matters” I get a little agitated. I’m sure by reading the authors writings that he’s an intelligent person, but how dare this fool dismiss the creator of dreams & science itself, as being any kind of plausible answer to questions involving dreams, or science!? Now I believe God gave us doctors & medicine & I get that he’s probably inadvertently referring to situations where people deny themselves help, because they want to pray their illnesses away, or something to that effect. But to dismiss ability of the creator, & worship the abilities of the creation is not only foolish, it’s spiritually damning to all who apply it. You shouldn’t try & pray away a broken leg for instance, but when a person is under spiritual attack, especially in their dreams, they need to be pointed in the direction of the Lord, not some half baked theory about sleep paralysis. The author has offended me greatly & I hope he does not have any kind of major influence on those who read his thread. God gave the writer of this post a gift of knowledge, but because he has arrogantly pushed God away from his equation, his theory has in turn suffered the consequences of his actions.

  3. Denise

    To the person who wrote this ending in “I am not a doctor” I have to applaud you. For sticking your neck out when most people would not have. I found your information, outstanding and brilliant. And even more informational than a doctor. So thank you for being honest, thank you for not bringin God and Religion into the equation. I have my own opinion on that matter as it is. As does everyone else, of free will to speak their mind . And lastley thank you for being real.

  4. Experince

    Third night with SP, begins with voices that sounds like a radiobroadcast.
    Trying to adjust bodyposition in bed and noticed that i cant move my body,
    Using all my willpower to lift an arm – don’t work!
    After a while my legs begins to levitate, and slowly control returns from the
    legs up to my head.

    Allt this started AFTER quitting Antidepressants.


  5. WB

    I have experienced 5 or 6 episodes of SP and each one has been a learning experience. The first time was when I was 17. I was drunk and some of my friends were sleeping in the same room…drunk…I awoke to a black cloud over my body and it dove into my chest and raised me out of my bed. I hovered over my friends with a deep voice and then awoke rapidly. The second time was 4 years later and was a lot different. This time I was having a lucid experience and in the visual spectrum was sitting with two friends on my bed talking to an energy cloud. I said, “alright, jump into me it’s ok”. The “energy cloud” shot into my chest and gave me a different voice for a minute, and then I woke up. The third time it happened I was 22 and awoke lying on my back. I realized I couldn’t move, heard whispering, and a presence that made me uncomfortable. I had been an atheist for 3 or 4 years running and told myself that it was my own imagination, closed my eyes, took everything in and waited until I entered normal sleep. It has happened to me 2 or 3 more times since then and I’ll just relax, eventually roll on my side, and then leave the SP state. The next time it happens I will attempt to have an OBD, sounds pretty sweet.

  6. Carly

    When I was 15 and 16 years old I was severly depressed, extremely stressed and had a horrible time getting myself to sleep at night. I took medication for a few weeks but refused to continue because it would knock me out like I was some animal and it made me feel less human, I suppose. Anyways, through these 2 years I had an SP episode just about every night. Rarely didn’t I see dark figures standing above me, looking down on me, or hear something. Whispering, argueing, shreeking, dogs fighting, cats fighting, nothing pleasent. I saw eyes hovering or one eye hovering in front of me occasionally, and it was in motion watching me. I could always feeling coming on in my dream, and everything in the dream would go to chaos. People ran away from me and everything would get dark then I’d awake.
    I’m 20 now and in a much better place than I was back then. I hardly get SP anymore and when I do I’ve noticed it’s because the previous day I had been stressing my mind out, over-thinking my place in life and whatnot. I’ve never thought of trying to think of something beautiful while in this state as it’s always a pretty terrifying expirience not being able to move, but I know nothing can hurt me so I think the next time it happens I’ll give it a whirl and see what comes of it.

  7. JP

    I suffer from sleep paralysis frequently, i have no basis but mere observation for this hypothesis, but i believe that drunkenness may be a catalyst to SP episodes. I have normally experience sleep paralysis every two weeks or so however recently, i have experienced it 2 times in two days. i believe it may partially be due to the fact that i have been on abit of a drinking binge with my friends. i have slowly been learning to control my episodes exactly the way you described you did, happy thoughts.
    i have found you’re text invaluable to me, i believe i am someone who is relatively well unformed, yet i have learned quite abit from this article. however i have a comment to make on your description of out of body experiences. although it was not directly said, it was implied that OBEs are always positive. i do not hallucinate much during my SP episodes, but i have had an out of body experience. the episode started with me laying in the dark with a dark figure standing beside me and speaking to me. i struggled to move. eventually i believed i had broken the paralysis, but the figure was still there, so i ran to my door and as soon as i touched the doorknob, the door flew open and i fell back, there were two dark figures standing at my door. as i fell on the floor and knocked over my laundry basket, i fell back into sleep paralysis and then blacked out and woke up in my bed.
    if you took the time to read my comment, i hope you have some insight about the occurrence. thank you.

  8. Jefferson

    Great article!! Steve Flipside, go fuck yourself

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