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3 responses to “Lucid Dream Flying”

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  2. Matthew S

    This is the coolest article ever!!! This has actually happened to me only once in my life time. I was around 12 years old and yes I thought of Peter Pan when I was in my dream flying around. It was one of the most amazing feelings ever. Sadly, my daily routine of smoking cannabis has stopped me from being able to recall dreams completely. After reading this blog I have decided to stop and this is my second day without smoking. I miss lucid dreaming like that and hope I can be flying throughout the dream world soon.

  3. Haley

    Hey, my names Haley and I think i had a lucid dream last night it was very quick though woke up in a place that looked like my school and no one was there and no one was I got scared that it was a nightmare and I wanted to leave next thing I knew it felt like i was flying I could feel a lot of wind on my body but i got too excited that I was actually flying and woke up it was the best feeling ever ill deffentally be trying again tonight 🙂

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