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63 responses to “How does it feel to experience Sleep Paralysis?”

  1. Tiara

    I just went to sleep around 5:07 am because I couldn’t sleep I think I woke up I’m not sure if I was awake or not but I felt numb I couldn’t feel my body I couldn’t move I was haring voices and knocking on the front door and I felt like I was being suffocating I’m so so so scared I thought my life was over and now I’m scared to sleep this has never happened to me before

  2. Julia

    I was coming out of a dream of viewing possessed people and I started to shake all over and couldn’t move (reminded me of a seizure). There was also a LOUD high frequency noise in my ears that almost sounded like screams too. It lasted for about 5 seconds and then I was okay. Does this count of an episode of sleep paralysis? It’s the first time it’s ever happened to me and I was laying on my side.

  3. Sky

    So iv had sp a good handfull of times before its always when falling asleep for me but i had to do some research after this experience, so let me tell you how an episode normally goes, ill be laying down ready to sleep. Usualy tired as xan bee and start to feel a tingling sensation almost like pins and needles but over my entire body it feels like everything is shaking or maby i am, and it intensifys the longer i let it go, or maby its the longer it continues but i normally get myself out of it fast, and find myself to be very paranoid after wards almost afraid to fall asleep, yet slightly curious to find the sensation again, this time was the worst however. I was laying down thinking deeply about life. About an ex to be honest and my thoughts were just me being depressed. And then the sensation overcame me and i decided to let it ride so to speak now im facing the wall of a couch, iv always slept on couches so i couldnt see anything but i heard a voice and it sounded like death, theres no other way to say it maby alien? Inhuman and it just stated there you go, im kinda flusterd and cant remember clearly everything that was said and i almost think im forgetting or missplacing a word at this point true fear like iv never felt set in. And trust me sp is normaly scary for me as it is, but this was chilling iv never heard a voice like this. And this is were it really freaks me out because normaly i can clear my head somewhat and snap out of it so to speak but this was like being dragged deeper every time i tried, if youv ever been drugged under water by the current it was like that, it felt like that, needless to say i dont think im going to be getting much sleep tonight.

  4. Sharne


    I didn’t read everyone’s stories but the few I read, I could find something in common with. I only experienced this four times before that I can remember, though I thought it was some kind of anxiety or panic attack. My first time I was freaked out and scared; I can’t remember what I was dreaming about since it was 3 to 4 years ago, my eyes was closed when I became aware of warmth covering my body (as if sinking in a lukewarm pool) as the pressure in my chest followed I woke up panicked, I wanted to scream for my parents but my mouth wouldn’t move. I didn’t have any hallucinations but I could see every detail in room. It was probably for less than 10 seconds before pulled myself out of it completely but felt forever, afterwards I fell asleep (even though I didn’t want to) and woke up with my muscles sore, I thought it was nothing and didn’t tell my parents.

    The second time it happened wasn’t even a month or 2 later. The same thing happened and I googled it, mostly with what relates to my anxiety. I thought it was I was too stressed out – you know.

    I can’t remember the third time but it was less than a year later that it happened again and I couldn’t move for a longer period of time, then the tingling started and I could move again. Told my mother this time.

    Of course, it wasn’t over yet for me. This year was very bizarre. I was slowly waking up but feeling a little warm (although not drowning) and with no pressure on my chest, and I was sleeping in the living room on the couch, when I opened my eyes I could see our maid standing there, she said ‘hello’ like she always does and I said hello back. I can hear what was on TV and I knew where my mother was in the kitchen, could partially see her. She walked to the fridge passing behind our maid that was going to the kitchen or dinning room. So I just closed my eyes ’cause I thought nothing amiss but everything that was a little hazy.

    Around an hour or so later I woke up, went to my room, to kitchen then the living room again. While eating my cereal I asked my mother where our maid was, she looked at me strangely and said that she wasn’t here. That’s when I remembered what day it was and our maid won’t be here for another 3 days still. I told my mother what happened and my brother heard it all. Mother was worried, and my brother just thought it weird.

    I haven’t had many in all four years but not any a couple of months now. I’m worried that it would get worse. And wouldn’t call it an awesome experience either. To hear voices when there are none or see things that can’t be there.

    Thanks for listening

  5. Yolanda

    I have these dreams on and off and quiet regular sometimes I dream I’m possessed by ghosts / demons and I do bad things I have no control over my body and sometimes I harm people close to me like my children I experience SP my body fills with pins and needles and when I try talk all I can do is “roar” like a demon. The other dream is when a bad soul enters my body and my soul fights to get the other soul out I saw my mom in my dream trying to pull the soul out of my body but the soul is resistant but I can see it comes half way out then goes back into my body! These dreams are scary but through them I ferl Sp. What does this all mean??

  6. Rosalinda

    I just had the feeling hot, hearing voices experience like 30 minutes ago, it’s so scary I’m still scared. I was laying on my side when this happened why do we get them? and how do we get rid of them? this is my third time and I don’t like them at all they are the worst feeling ever. I wake up turn my tv on And light and try to not think about it.

  7. Mike

    When i had the sleep paralysis i came from a dream where i fell out of a air plane and died then i woke up and i had lots of weight on my chest it felt like and a tingling throughout my body then I suddenly realized i wasnt breathing like my brain forgot to trll myself to breath i really started freaking out so i had a pretty bad experience

  8. Jason

    I just had Tia experience for the second time. I was lying on the clutch watching tv and my son building legos and fell asleep. I felt the extreme tingling through my entire body and the squelching from my ears. I thought I woke up 3 times before I actually did. I could see the TV and my son and started to fall, I stopped breathing and tried screaming for help to my wife but couldn’t get anything out and my son wouldn’t look at me. Then I remembered beginning to God not to come take me. It was a scary moment, kind you I suffer from tinius but this was much stronger then I have ever experienced in my life. I was wondering if anyone has recorded themselves to see what’s going on like do you really stop breathing or did I wake up and fall? It sounds like I should enjoy this but not sure I can it was really scary

  9. Topix

    My SP is so goddamn scary. Vibrations..tingling..voices.. I am always trying to wake up and move but I can’t.. I have feelings that someone is behind me but I cannot move .. SP is so horrible. A woman voice said: A life is a murder. And when she said that I woke up. When SP happens to me I am thinking about it for days after. This is really a nightmare.

  10. Cesar

    I want to know more about the heat sensation people feel when entering SP, because last night I was trying to sleep but woke paralyzed and I had a burning sensation on my legs.

  11. Jasmin

    Ok so I literally just experienced Sleep paralysis but I mean mine felt super weird. So First I was dreaming that I was singing a dumb song in my head and I hear my mom and my sister talking so I stopped and I felt like darkness all around me then over me and that tingly felling started everywhere. I have never gotten sleep paralysis before so I though maybe my whole body fell asleep. But when I tried to move my body of course I couldn’t. But for me the weird thing is I felt more like I was in a shell of myself more than anything because I was able to open my eyes. I didnt hear, smell or see anything scary or creepy. And it literally lasted like 10 seconds. When I told myself to get up I woke up but now I feel like it was just a strange dream like I dont feel any different. If that makes sense. I feel the same way you feel when you wake up from a crazy dream and you just like wow that was crazy. Is that normal? Or did I even experience sleep paralysis or dream I did? Ive been a lucid dreamer all my life Im not sure if that adds to that experience

  12. Dani

    I’ve experinced SP three times, first of them was the scariest because before it happened I didn’t even know it existed and had no idea what was going on, so mind played a lot of tricks and I heard voices and when I tried opening my eyes, I could see hallucinations, but couldn’t move my body. I heard my roommate washing dishes in the kitchen and just moving around the apartment, felt the door to my room open and could feel somebody laying down next to me on my bed. When I opened my eyes I didn’t see anyone and once I closed them again it started over from the bottom of the bed, moving upwards closer to my face. That was very creepy, and when it became difficult to breathe, I could see an old woman with long white hair choking me. When I woke up, I told my roommate about it and she said she had been in her room the whole time and wasn’t walking around, so I looked into it and found out about sleep paralysis.

    Next time when it happened I knew what was going on and when it became too creepy, I just concentrated on moving my toes and got out of it really quickly. Third time happened recently and that wasn’t scary at all, I was dreaming but felt awake and it was hard for me to understand whether it’s real or in a dream. Once I tried to sit up in my bed, I rolled over in my dream and my head started spinning really fast, vibrations spred through the whole body and I felt needles and pins all over, body really heavy. That was actually really cool and since I’ve been trying to have an OBE for a while, I got really excited that this might be it and woke myself up.

    I guess it’s more in the mind, as the body sleeps but mind is awake, it starts to create “logical” explanations to why can’t you move and we start to imagine all sorts of scary stuff we’ve seen and heard about. Once you realize it’s not real and can stay calm, it can turn out a lifechanging experience. Or if you’d rather not deal with it, telling yourself to wake up and try to move at least a finger or toe can help come out of it quicker.

  13. rabbit

    I get it pretty often, it can be a very scary experience the first times and still when you’re more experienced.
    However, personally I see it as a magical experience, mind-opening and a divine feeling if you allow it, to let the feeling take over instead of fighting. I usually am aware straight after I realize I can barely move or if at all. When you panic you will end up making yourself panic even more until you have some high pitched screams / wind shouting in your ear or the being that might be occupying you will be offended and most likely react badly. You have to be calm, even if youre not fighting it but your heart is racing your surroundings will notice that. Its about letting go of judgement, and fears and paranoia. It will most likely mirror your feelings. So think of love, joy, anything you want.
    One good tip, is to close your eyes focus on the tingles and numbness then think about floating away, and you may find that it works and youre carried off into a lucid dream which are always good. You can make it a bad experience or a good one, its up to you.

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